Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Virtual meetings, conferences, and presentations are the most efficient way to save time and money while increasing productivity. With tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, you and your coworkers can share and organize information, support large meetings or online events, and communicate with dispersed groups over great distances. Even better, they're easy to use!


Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one collaborative platform that combines virtual meetings, and file storage and collaboration. Because the service seamlessly integrates with Office 365, you and your coworkers can share and edit documents and schedule video or audio calls. Collaboration becomes simple and instant whether you're across the room or the state.

Need to hold a meeting or give a presentation? Want to hold a quick and easy job interview? Zoom makes it easier than ever to meet and discuss your ideas without having to book a conference room or make travel arrangements. This subscription service is ideal for anyone who wants to keep up workflow without inconveniencing their staff or audience.

Subscriptions for Zoom are available through BIT. Please have your supervisor contact BIT to obtain a subscription.